Covid-19 Compliance Officers For Film & Television Production

Certified Compliance Officers and PPE For Film Sets

Pricing As low as $300

Full Service Compliance Solutions

Serving productions of all sizes and budgets

Certified C19COs

Our Certified Covid-19 Compliance Officers (C19CO) have undergone specialty training to comply with  the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health and guidelines presented by National Set Medics, AICP, Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers white paper. 

Paperwork & Protocols 

From pre-production through wrap, we handle all of the paperwork, and facilitate all of the new safety protocols to keep sets safe and in compliance with new safety guidelines. We come with our own social distancing and  safety signage as well digital screening questionnaires for cast and crew.

PPE Solutions

We equip your set with all of the personal protective equipment (PPE), thermometers, cleaning supplies, and sanitizers for cast and crew. We can also coordinate professional daily cleanings and on-set wash and sanitation stations. We can customize equipment needs to any set size and budget.

We are your trusted partner in production safety. Book a compliance officer today. 

Whether you need Covid-19 compliance officer for a a single-day shoot or want a complete staffing  and equipment package for a long-term production, we have you covered.

New Production Guidelines Are Daunting

We help you build and maintain a safe production from start to finish

Pre-Production Services 

✔ Location Consulting

✔️ Custom Production Protocols

✔️ Crew Education

✔️ Screening Survey Management

✔️ Site Sanitation

Shoot Day Services

✔️ Marking Social Distancing Signage

✔️ Entry Screening of Cast and Crew 

✔️ Morning Safety Meeting

✔️ Staff Monitoring

✔️ Craft Service Safety Management

✔️ Transportation Management

✔️ Confidential Health Document Management

Safety & Cleaning Supplies

✔️ Infrared Thermometers

✔️ Set Signage

✔️ KN95 Masks

✔️ Face Shields

✔️ Gloves & Gowns

✔️ Hand Sanitizing Stations

✔️ Hands-Free Trash Bins

✔️ EPA-N Disinfectants

Cleaning Services

✔️ Hourly Disinfecting

✔️ Walkie-Talkie Disinfecting

✔️ 3x Daily Surface Sanitation

✔️ Daily Professional Deep Cleaning

Saving you time and resources

Uncompromising safety made affordable

We believe that no compromises should be made in keeping your cast and crew safe. As a team of industry professionals, we are acutely aware of the extra strain that the pandemic has put on film budgets and timelines.  With packages starting at $300 for student and non-profit productions, our goal is to make sure that all productions have access to the recourses necessary to keep safe. Film Safe aims to keep your cast and crew safe on a budget. 

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